LIVE MUSIC!! Lucas Sanchez Duo

11:30 am

December 7, 2019


Lucas was awarded a scholarship to attend California  Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, which made for a smooth transition from other college studies. Once enrolled at CJC, Lucas studied guitar for a year with jazz guru Randy Vincent. He also studied with other Bay Area legends such as Erik Jekabson, Dan Zinn, Mike Zilber, Frank Martin, John Gove, and Marcos Silva. At CJC, Lucas acquired a diverse understanding of music and guitar, through different genres such as: swing, bop, jazz fusion, Brazilian music, funk, and blues. After a year of studying and performing at the CJC, Lucas decided it was time to develop a musical career of his own. He moved on from CJC to embark upon an exciting musical journey, in pursuit of new experiences and musical mastery.