LIVE MUSIC!! Steve Marvel

11:00 am

November 21, 2020


Steve Marvel leads the notoriously fun East Bay cover band “Public Eye” specializing in great music, dance-able rock songs from the 70’s thru today. Steve is the front man and provide an energetic show for ANY type of audience. With a highly professional stage presence, compelling performance and volume control, these are the trademarks for a guaranteed good time! Steve’s music influences: “I caught ‘BeatleMania’ at a very young age. Eventually it came to Aerosmith, followed by my introduction  to Genesis (pre and post Peter), Yes, and Van Halen. Moving to San Francisco just in time for the whole ‘Modern Rock’ sound of the 80s was a notable moment. And I loved the ‘Dynatones’ out of San Francisco. I absolutely loved the ‘The Verve’ release in circa ’97 and had a bizarre obsession with anything ‘Oasis’. But I have to admit, my favorite Go-to live rock concert is The Scorpions!” Bands he has performed in: Public Eye, Brother Buzz, Word of Mouth, Atticus Finch, Ruby Shoes